In 2019 so far, FREIDA™ users have tallied more than 3.5 million views of medical residency programs. With this collection, we draw from the nearly 4,900 first-year positions for family medicine and reveal which residency programs offer the most positions.

Rankings are based on FREIDA™ data updated as of Oct. 10, 2019. FREIDA™, the AMA Residency & Fellowship Database®, allows medical students to search for a residency or fellowship from more than 11,000 programs—all accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

Family physicians are personal doctors for people of all ages and health conditions. They are a reliable first contact for health concerns and directly address most health care needs. Through enduring partnerships, family physicians help patients prevent, understand, and manage illness, navigate the health system and set health goals. Family physicians and their staff adapt their care to the unique needs of their patients and communities. They use data to monitor and manage their patient population and use best science to prioritize services most likely to benefit health. They are ideal leaders of health care systems and partners for public health.

  1. John Peter Smith Hospital (Tarrant County Hospital District) Program – 22 positions

  2. Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education (Scranton) Program – 22 positions

  3. University of Kansas (Wichita)/Via Christi Hospitals Wichita Program – 18 positions

  4. Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Program – 16 positions

  5. BronxCare Health System Program – 16 positions

  6. Texas Tech University (Permian Basin) Program – 16 positions

  7. Tuscaloosa College of Community Health Sciences Program – 16 positions

  8. University of California (San Francisco)/Fresno Program – 16 positions

  9. University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Medicine Program – 16 positions

  10. University of Wisconsin (Madison) Program – 16 positions

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