Private Practices

The AMA helps sustain the viability of private practice


Private practices have been under intense pressure for years; the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated financial strain and highlighted the extensive regulatory burdens faced by physician practice owners. AMA advocacy, resources and research help make private practice a viable option for physicians.

Private Practice Resources

Whether you’re considering private practice or already working independently, the AMA has the resources you need to start and sustain success.

  • For decades, administrative and regulatory burdens have consumed physicians’ time and attention. The hard-won regulatory relief achieved during the COVID-19 pandemic has helped protect private practices, pointing the way toward achieving permanent relief once the public health emergency is over.
  • The House of Delegates has shaped over 40 policies that direct AMA’s efforts to permanently lighten the administrative and regulatory load. We aim to give physicians back the time and autonomy they need to care for patients.
  • Due to the AMA’s advocacy efforts, President Biden signed into law a measure that delayed 2 percent across-the-board cuts to Medicare payments through Dec. 31, 2021. This win protects an estimated $9.4B in physician practice revenue that would have been lost if cuts were implemented.
  • The AMA’s bi-yearly Physician Practice Benchmark survey provides insights on payment methodologies and practice arrangements, which helps drive our advocacy work on your behalf.
  • AMA Benchmark Surveys have been conducted in every even year between 2012 and 2018. Policy Research Perspective reports, based on the surveys, provide detailed analyses of the data.
  • The AMA conducts ongoing, in-depth research on how regulatory burdens affect physician professional satisfaction and payment.
  • AMA conducts research to better understand the attributes of high performing small physician-owned practices so lessons learned can be translated into tools and resources.


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