Category II codes


Find the latest changes and additions to the CPT® Category II codes and an alphabetical listing of clinical conditions and topics. 

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An alphabetical listing of clinical conditions and topics with which the measures and codes are associated. It provides an overview of the performance measures, a listing of CPT® Category II codes that may be used with each measure, as well as any applicable reporting instructions.

Review instructions and criteria for submitting a CPT® Category II code proposal and then complete an application for consideration.

The following list of Category II codes has been added to the website to allow a posting of the most recently approved Category II codes. This is the listing of Category II codes that have been added to the Category II coding set since the most recent August release of the CPT® Data Files. Therefore, the codes noted within this listing will include only those codes that are not listed in the last annual data file release and when added to the codes included in the latest edition of the data files, represents the entire current listing of CPT® Category II Codes.

The Category II codes below make use of an alphabetical character as the 5th character in the string (i.e., 4 digits followed by the letter F). These digits are not intended to reflect the placement of the code in the regular (Category I) part of the CPT® codebook. To promote understanding of these codes and their associated measures, users are referred to the Alphabetic Listing, which contains information about performance measurement exclusion of modifiers, measures and the measures' source(s).

Composite Measures 0001F-0015F

Patient Management 0500F-0575F

Patient History 1000F-1220F

Physical Examination 2000F-2050F

Diagnostic/Screening Processes or Results    3006F-3573F

Therapeutic, Preventive or Other Interventions 4000F-4306F

Follow-up or Other Outcomes 5005F-5100F

Patient Safety 6005F-6045F

Structural Measures 7010F-7025F

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