STEPS Forward™: Taming the Electronic Health Record Playbook

The selected practical tools listed here are to get you started on several of the new or adapted processes outlined in this Playbook (PDF). The individual toolkits offered by AMA STEPS Forward® include these and additional resources.

Taming the EHR Playbook

Access key STEPS, best practices, and resources to save time and reduce the burden of EHR work.

Strategy 1: Stop the unnecessary work

Strategy 2: Share the necessary work

Strategy 3: Optimize personal proficiency with EHR technology

  • Eight Efficiency Boosting Tips for EPIC Users (PDF) (Coming soon)
  • Eight Efficiency Boosting Tips for Cerner Users (PDF) (Coming soon)

This Playbook contains highlights from 11 AMA STEPS Forward® toolkits. See all the toolkits AMA STEPS Forward® has to offer.

Dig deeper on the subjects covered in this Playbook with these webinars:

Hear physicians and other health care professionals tell the stories of their EHR interventions in their own words:

Read how other physicians and health care professionals are successfully taming the EHR—and how you can apply the lessons they learned to your own practice—in these short but sweet Success Stories:

Anyone interested in maximizing the benefits and minimizing the burdens of the EHR can benefit from the content outlined and linked to within this Playbook (PDF). 

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