Christopher Libby, MD, MPH

Clinical Informatics/Emergency Medicine

AMA Affiliated Groups

Alternate Delegate,
Young Physicians Section (YPS) Governing Council

Christopher Libby, MD, MPH, is an emergency medicine physician and serves as alternate delegate of the Young Physicians Section (YPS) Governing Council for the 2024-2025 term.

The YPS is a member interest group within the AMA for physicians under 40 years of age or within the first eight years of professional practice after residency and fellowship training. The governing council is responsible for enhancing young physician practice in medicine, including the transition into practice and facilitating the participation of young physicians in policy development.

Dr. Libby is faculty within the Division of Informatics and the Department of Emergency Medicine at Cedars Sinai Health System in Los Angeles, California. His informatics work focuses on optimizing workflows and developing decision support interventions including AI and LLMs that improve physician satisfaction with the EHR and ensure an equitable delivery of care. He is active in the California Medical Association, the American College of Emergency Physicians and the Los Angeles County Medical Association.