2023 OMSS Interim Meeting highlights


The Organized Medical Staff Section held its 2023 Interim Meeting on Thursday, Nov. 9 and Friday, Nov. 10, in National Harbor, Maryland. The meeting had more than 60 attendees, including OMSS members and invited guests.

Help Move Medicine

Medicine doesn’t stand still, and neither do we. AMA members don’t just keep up with medicine—they shape its future.

On Thursday, attendees participated in an interactive workshop facilitated by Matthew Gold, MD, on preserving employed physician autonomy and collective action in the healthcare setting. Immediately following the workshop, the OMSS Reference Committee convened for an open session and heard testimony from OMSS members regarding the Reference Committee Report.

Attendees returned on Friday to hear a presentation from Elizabeth A. Snelson, Esq., entitled “Professionalism, Peer Review, and Employment Contracts.” Ms. Snelson, the author of the AMA Physicians Guide to Medical Staff Bylaws as well as several other AMA resources, discussed the challenges posed by physician employment arrangements to peer review and professionalism, described the medical staff’s appropriate role in peer review of employed physicians, and unpacked how employment contracts and medical staff bylaws can protect physician professionalism.

Attendees also participated in a group workshop facilitated by Nancy Church, MD, focused on developing and articulating best practices for integrating community physicians into the hospital setting. The workshop focused on developing a clear understanding of the benefits of medical staff and hospital engagement of community physicians and developing clear strategies for the engagement of community physicians.

The section transmitted five resolutions to the House of Delegates for consideration at its Interim 2023 Meeting:

  • OMSS Report C-I-23/OMSS Resolution 0—Advocacy Education Towards a Sustainable Medical Care System
  • Resolution 1—Deceptive Hospital Badging 2.0
  • Resolution 4—Corporate Practice of Medicine
  • Resolution 6—ERISA Revisited
  • Resolution 7—Facilitating Reimbursement for Diagnostic Radiopharmaceuticals

The section voted to refer three resolutions back to the governing council for further action:

  • Resolution 2—Inclusion of Patient Safety and Environmental Stewardship
  • Resolution 3—Acquisition and Consolidation by Private Equity
  • Resolution 5—Revisiting Medical Staff and Hospital Engagement

The section additionally voted to authorize OMSS GC Report B-I-23, which directs the OMSS to update the AMA model bylaws to include a provision for continuity of medical staff leadership in the face of contractual changes.

Table of Contents

  1. Education programs
  2. Resolutions