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Minority Affairs Section (MAS) leadership opportunities


The AMA is your powerful ally in providing you with leadership opportunities in the Minority Affairs Section (MAS) to represent physicians with a unified voice and remove obstacles that interfere with patient care.

Your Powerful Ally

The AMA helps physicians build a better future for medicine, advocating in the courts and on the Hill to remove obstacles to patient care and confront today’s greatest health crises.

The AMA Minority Affairs Section (MAS) Governing Council is calling for nominations for the Young Physicians Section representative position. 

  • The position was vacated half-way through a three-year term, so the incumbent will fill the remaining months for the position. 
  • The term begins August 2024, immediately upon the close of the special election. The term ends June 11, 2026. 
  • The call for nominees for all governing council seats that expire in June 2025 (including this position) will open in January 2025, followed by an election in April, with a term that will start June 12, 2025. The YPS representative will then have the option to run for a full three-year term of their own. 

All candidates will be reviewed by the YPS Governing Council, which has the prerogative of endorsing any candidate(s) it so chooses.

Members interested in applying should submit an AMA nomination form along with executive curricula vitae (CV), not to exceed three pages, as well as a professional photo.

Apply Now.

The deadline for all nominations is Monday, July 22, 2024.

Table of Contents

  1. MAS special election
  2. Nominations