Photo of Frank Dowling, MD

Frank Dowling, MD (they/them)


Specialty: Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine
Hunter Pattison, MD

Hunter Pattison, MD (he/him)

Vice Chair

Specialty: Emergency Medicine

California Medical Association

AMA Affiliations:

Members of the Advisory Committee on LGBTQ Issues Resident & Fellow Section (RFS) Sectional Delegates

Conflict of Interest:
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Photo of Magda Houlberg, MD

Magda Houlberg, MD (she/her, they/them)

Immediate Past Chair/Member-at-large

Specialty: Internal Medicine & Geriatric Medicine
James "Jimmy" Ding

Jimmy Ding (he/him)

Medical Student Section Representative

Maya I. Green, MD

Maya I. Green, MD (any pronouns)

Member at-large

Specialty: Family Medicine and HIV Medicine
LeAnne Roberts, MD

LeAnne Roberts, MD (she/her)

GLMA Representative

Specialty: Obstetrics & Gynecology
photo of Carl Streed Jr., MD

Carl G. Streed, Jr., MD, MPH (he/him)

Young Physician Representative

Specialty: Internal Medicine, Primary Care, Transgender Care