The Medical Student Section (MSS) gives voice to and advocates for issues that impact medical students. Access quick start guides, presentation templates and more on MSS leadership, advocacy and policy resolution. 

MSOP Resource Center

Access up-to-date resources and materials.

Learn how medical students worked to implement policy related to racial and health inequities.

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  1. National Advocacy Week action kit (PDF)

    1. Download the action kit for 2021 National Advocacy Week, being held virtually Oct. 11-15, 2021.
  2. Advocacy presentation template (PPTX)

    1. Download a sample presentation template to use at your next event.
  3. How AMA Policy is Made (Education Module)

    1. New to the policy-making process? Access our education module and learn how MSS members influence the AMA’s policymaking efforts.
  4. Local campus sections guide (PDF)

    1. Use the guide to assist in building a successful AMA Medical Student Section (MSS) at your medical school.
  5. Pathway To Policy: Resolution process (PDF)

    1. Review the chart on the policy resolution process.
  6. Resolution writing guide (PDF)

    1. Review the MSS resolution writing guide for the November 2021 meeting.
  7. Parliamentary procedure (PDF)

    1. Learn about the parliamentary procedures used during MSS meetings.
  8. Flyers

  9. Student leadership opportunities

    Take on leadership opportunities at the local, state or national levels to represent medical students and address their concerns. 


Contact the AMA MSOP team or view the program guide.
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