Review the Speakers' Nov. 12 and Nov. 11 update for the November HOD meeting.

The Supplemental Report of the Committee on Rules & Credentials (PDF) regarding Late Resolution 1001 will be presented for the consideration of the House during the opening session. The report is also on the business page:

A few people have found the layout of the Friday tote confusing, as it opens to the instruction sheet. The instruction sheet is simply the first item in the tote.

We have also learned of a clerical error in the Final Report of the Resolutions Committee. Resolution 025, “Opposition to Discriminatory Treatment of Haitian Asylum Seekers,” was listed with the wrong number, although the title of the resolution was correct. It was listed in the correct category. A corrected report has been posted and is available at

Finally, the LUMI system will open about 2 p.m. Central Standard Time should you wish to try accessing it early. You will need your B (or business) code.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you virtually this evening.

-- Responses should be directed to [email protected]

The Friday tote is posted on the meeting business page: It is also available directly at The tote includes all business received since the addendum was published along with other meeting materials, including the instruction sheet, memorial resolutions, referral changes, and various other documents.

The final report of the Resolutions Committee has been posted and lists the resolutions that met the priority threshold (39 listed), those that did not meet the priority threshold but were not extracted (98 in the list), and those that did not meet the priority threshold but were extracted (28 listed). Included with the latter group are the Resolutions Committee’s score, the original sponsor’s ranking of their own resolution, the name and affiliation of the delegate who extracted the resolution, and the extraction statement. The report is on the business page and can be accessed directly at

Please also note that a late resolution has been submitted. It too is posted on the business page or can be accessed directly at The Rules & Credentials Committee will be meeting with the sponsor to discuss why the resolution could not have been submitted on time and will make a recommendation during the opening session.

-- Responses should be directed to [email protected]

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