Pursuant to Policy G-610.020, this will serve as the official candidate notification listing members who have announced their intention to seek election at the June 2023 House of Delegates meeting. Candidates’ announcements can be found here on the AMA website; additional announcements may come in November.

HOD Interim Meeting

Register for the 2022 HOD Interim Meeting taking place Nov. 12–15 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Registration is required for all attendees. Review health & safety protocols.

President elect: 1 open position

  • Bruce A. Scott, MD

Speaker of the House of Delegates: 1 open position

  • Lisa Bohman Egbert, MD

Vice speaker of the House of Delegates: 1 open position

  • John H. Armstrong, MD
  • Pino D. Colone, MD
  • David A. Rosman, MD, MBA

Board of Trustees: 2 open positions

  • Michael Suk, MD, JD, MPH, MBA
  • Willie Underwood III, MD, MSc, MPH

Board of Trustees, resident physician: 1 open position

  • No currently announced candidate

Council on Constitution & Bylaws: 1 open position

  • Mark Bair, MD, RPh

Council on Medical Education: 4 open positions

  • Kelly Caverzagie, MD
  • Shannon Kilgore, MD

Council on Medical Education, resident physician: 1 open position

  • No currently announced candidate

Council on Medical Service: 2 open positions

  • A. Patrice Burgess, MD

Council on Medical Service, resident physician: 1 open position

  • No currently announced candidate

Council on Science & Public Health: 3 open positions

  • Tamaan Osbourne-Roberts, MD
  • Corliss Varnum, MD

As per reporting requirements of our rules, the following is a summary of the Election Committee’s (EC) activities for the A-22 campaign and election cycle:

A complaint was officially made. As per the rules established by the House of Delegates a subcommittee of the EC was convened to investigate the allegation. After a thorough investigation, including interviews of multiple persons of interest and review of the evidence, the subcommittee presented their findings to the EC as a whole. Committee members with a conflict of interest recused themselves from decisions regarding the merits of the complaint and penalty. The remainder of the committee determined that a campaign violation had occurred and that given the seriousness of the violation, an announcement to the House was in order. Subsequently, the announcement was developed and read by the Speaker to the House on Monday, June 13.

Following the announcement, a crucial portion was misquoted in the press. In addition, misinformation was spread suggesting that the EC had retracted its findings. As a result the EC, wanting to clarify that it stood by its findings, decision, and the statement, asked the speaker to re-read the relevant portion of the announcement to the House on Tuesday, June 14.

-- Responses should be directed to [email protected]

For additional speakers' updates visit the updates overview page.

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