Annual Meeting

Top stories from the 2017 AMA Annual Meeting


Hundreds of physicians, medical students, residents and fellows gathered at the 2017 AMA Annual Meeting in Chicago to consider a wide array of proposals designed to help fulfill the Association's core mission of promoting medicine and improving public health. These are the top stories from the meeting. Read full coverage at AMA Wire®.

Physicians recognize new psychoactive substances as health threat

Legal synthetic drugs such as Spice are quickly emerging and difficult to track. The AMA wants new strategies and education on these new drugs of abuse.

Amid high-stakes changes, physicians can light the way

On gun violence, health reform, mega-mergers, practice burdens and more, the AMA is taking a leadership role, says outgoing AMA President Andrew W. Gurman.

Physicians get inside view of health reform debate at crossroads

Experts on the reform discussion in Washington and value-based medicine offer their insights on the health system’s uncertain future.

New policies target mental health stigma in physicians, students

Delegates address how medical licensing boards handle physicians who have sought behavioral health treatment.

Pain care and opioid-use disorder are focus of new efforts

While reversing the opioid epidemic remains a vital focus, AMA delegates seek strategies, education to help the millions who live with chronic pain.

New AMA president: Physicians must lead to reshape medicine

Board-certified family physician David O. Barbe, MD, MHA, says the time is right for physician-style leadership that puts patients and professionalism first.

Physicians offer fixes to improve veterans’ access to care

The AMA will continue collaboration with the VA, calls for new funding for the Veterans Choice Program.

AMA takes several actions supporting transgender patients

LGBT-friendly, nondiscriminatory policies land backing from the AMA House of Delegates.

Refugees, detained immigrants deserve access to quality care

Delegates seek better care for detained immigrants. The AMA also votes to keep information in patient records out of immigration officials’ hands.

AMA’s vigor, vision spread across all areas of medicine

The AMA offers critical resources and policies, guides lifelong physician growth and helps improve the nation’s health, says AMA CEO James L. Madara, MD.

Physicians encouraged to take seat at table on health care boards

Doctors’ education, expertise and experience warrant greater participation on the boards of health care organizations, says new AMA policy.