No decision on the format of June’s House of Delegates meeting has been made, but we want to bring you up to date.

Our Board of Trustees has directed staff to collect data on the current conditions and likely state of affairs in Chicago in early June. That information will be reviewed during a special meeting of the Board and allow the Board to make a decision regarding the upcoming House meeting. The Board’s decision will be transmitted to members of the House and throughout the Federation by mid-March.

Regardless of the format, the dates for the meeting are June 12-16, and we encourage you to hold Friday evening June 11 open as well. We ask again that you keep the scheduled dates of the meeting open but not make travel plans unless your arrangements are easily canceled and any fees are fully refundable.

No matter how the meeting develops, volunteers for service on meeting-related committees are welcome. The forms for volunteering are online.

Thank you for your forbearance.

Responses should be directed to [email protected]

In an effort to keep the HOD updated, your Speakers present the following. As requested, all future notices regarding the upcoming June meeting will have J21-HOD in the subject line which is short for the June 2021 Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates. This will facilitate a search for all communications sent regarding the upcoming meeting. We will also attempt to send all emails from [email protected], so please add this to your “white” contact list.

Plans for the June 2021 Meeting of our HOD

Your Speakers are aware of the desire of the House to know definitive plans for our meeting in June of 2021. As we noted in our message dated December 10, 2020, we plan for the meeting to be held on June 12-16, as previously scheduled, possibly including an opening session on Friday evening, June 11. The meeting will take place on these dates whether it is held in-person in Chicago or held virtually. Once the Board of Trustees makes a decision regarding this matter the Speaker will send out an official call for the meeting.

Again, we remind you to hold these dates open on your schedule, as we anticipate that the meeting will require the use of all of these days in their entirety to complete our business. If you wish to make travel arrangements, we remind you not to make non-refundable travel reservations at this point.

Considerations for a possible virtual J21

While we do not yet know which format the meeting will take, your Speakers wish to remind the HOD that there may be a need to limit the number of items considered at J21. We ask delegations to consider this as resolutions are reviewed for potential submission.

In addition, there may again be a need to make an earlier deadline for on-time submissions from exempted groups, which would include societies that meet after the 30 day on-time deadline as well as the AMA sections. We ask that all impacted delegation and section leadership consider this possibility as they make tentative meeting plans.

Election/Campaign information for J21

“Active campaigning” is prohibited prior to the candidate announcement made after the conclusion of the April Board meeting. Your Speakers are aware that candidates, their teams, and indeed all caucuses and delegations will need to make plans regarding the conduct of our upcoming elections earlier than this.

The virtual campaign process followed for the June 2020 Special Meeting received overall positive feedback, but concern was expressed that there was short notice given. In 2020 this was unavoidable due to the timing of the decision to proceed with the virtual June 2020 Special Meeting. Understanding this concern and given the uncertainty surrounding the June 2021 meeting, your Speakers have decided to delineate the following campaign protocols to be utilized in the campaign process for the upcoming meeting, regardless of it being held in-person or virtually.

  • Given the possibility of not meeting in-person and therefore no opportunity to distribute campaign gifts and memorabilia, your Speakers strongly encourage campaigns to forego any expenditure for any such items.
  • The Speakers will again facilitate recording of candidates providing introductory remarks followed by Q & A, which will be made available on the meeting website for delegates to review prior to the meeting.
  • Interviews by delegations and caucuses will be permitted with the following guidelines:
    • Virtual or in-person interviews (if in-person meeting) may be held but not both.
    • Any caucus or group electing to interview candidates must provide an opportunity for all candidates in a specific race to be interviewed using the same format.
    • The HOD office will again coordinate contact information for candidates to schedule their interviews; caucuses will need to identify a contact person responsible for scheduling interviews.
    • The candidate/team will be responsible for scheduling the interview.
    • Virtual interviews by delegations and caucuses may only be recorded with prior notice to candidates and may only be shared with members of the delegation/caucus once all interviews for a given race are complete.
    • Further details will be provided to candidates and caucuses.

J21 HOD Meeting committee volunteers

Your Speakers are again seeking volunteers who would be comfortable with serving on Reference Committees, the Rules Committee, and potentially a Resolutions Committee for the upcoming meeting. Given the possibility of again holding a virtual meeting, your Speakers are asking that all volunteers complete a new application (available here) and email it to [email protected]. Please specifically note if you would be comfortable acting as a chair in a virtual setting.

Thank you for your patience as we make plans for our meeting in June. While we continue to hope to have the opportunity to meet in-person, we are nevertheless working hard to plan for a possible virtual meeting.

Responses should be directed to [email protected]

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