Materials presented at the Special Meeting are generated by AMA delegates/delegations, the AMA Board of Trustees, AMA Councils and AMA Sections.

*DISCLAIMER: Readers of this material are reminded that it refers only to items to be considered by the House. No action has been taken on anything herein contained and it is informational only. Only those items that have been acted upon by the House can be considered official.

Submitted for inclusion in the handbook.

BOT 01 Annual Report  (PDF)
BOT 02 Grants and Donations (PDF)
BOT 03 AMA 2022 Dues (PDF)
BOT 04 Update on Corporate Relationships (PDF)
BOT 05 AMA Performance, Activities and Status in 2020 (PDF)
BOT 06 Annual Update on Activities and Progress in Tobacco Control: March 2020 Through February 2021 (PDF)
BOT 07 Council on Legislation Sunset Review of 2011 House Policies (PDF)
BOT 08 Plan for Continued Progress Toward Health Equity (Center for Health Equity Annual Report) (PDF)
BOT 09 Preservation of the Patient-Physician Relationship (PDF)
BOT 10 Protestor Protections (PDF)
BOT 11 Redefining the AMA's Position on ACA and Healthcare Reform (PDF)
BOT 12 Adopting the Use of the Most Recent and Updated Edition of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment (PDF)
BOT 14 Pharmaceutical Advertising in Electronic Health Record Systems (PDF)
BOT 15 Removing Sex Designation from the Public Portion of the Birth Certificate (PDF)
BOT 16 Follow-up on Abnormal Medical Test Findings (PDF)

Submitted for consideration at the June 2021 Special Meeting of the HOD.

Res. 101 Piloting the Use of Financial Incentives to Reduce Unnecessary Emergency Room Visits (PDF)
Res. 201 Ensuring Continued Enhanced Access to Healthcare via Telemedicine and Telephonic Communication (PDF)
Res. 401 Universal Access for Essential Public Health Services (PDF)
Res. 501 Ensuring Correct Drug Dispensing (PDF)

Speakers’ Report 01 – Recommendations for Policy Reconciliation (PDF)

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