The Accelerating Change in Medical Education Consortium schools are working together to develop common solutions to transform medical education in key areas. Explore their work and inspire change at your own institution.

See how medical education is shifting away from classrooms and toward activities and assessments that help students succeed in the modern health care system: Developing flexible, competency-based pathways.

See how medical schools are focusing on improving health care quality, delivering population-based medical care and establishing health care teams: Teaching health systems science.

See how consortium schools are partnering with health care systems to bring students out of classrooms so they can learn in authentic health care settings: Working with health care delivery systems in novel ways.

The Accelerating Change in Medical Education Consortium schools are adapting technology in new ways to solve key problems and advance physician training: Making technology work for learning.

Preparing today's medical students for careers in the changing health care system requires more than clinical skills: Envisioning the master adaptive learner.

Consortium schools are integrating leadership and teamwork training into curricula that will prepare today's medical students to become future leaders: Shaping tomorrow's leaders.

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