Richard Deem, the AMA’s senior vice president for advocacy

Physician Advocacy

5 ways the midterms shook up the U.S. health care agenda for 2019

Prescription-drug pricing, gun violence and ACA-stabilization efforts are among the issues that could see new life next year.

Gunjan Malhotra, MD, a diagnostic radiology resident


Members Move Medicine: She explains to legislators what matters

AMA member Gunjan Malhotra, MD, is a diagnostic radiology resident who loves making an impact on medicine through the AMA House of Delegates.

Map of Ohio under a magnify glass

Physician Advocacy

AMA mapping tool identifies where workforce needs are greatest

The free, newly updated and mobile-friendly AMA Health Workforce Mapper offers more publicly accessible data on physician and nonphysician workforces.

Louis Weinstein, MD


Members Move Medicine: Find your passion and give it your all

AMA member, ob-gyn and maternal-fetal medicine specialist Louis Weinstein, MD, discovered the HELLP syndrome, which is extremely dangerous to the pregnant patient and is recognized throughout the world.

Hunter M. Pattison, MD, an emergency medicine resident


Members Move Medicine: An advocate for local, national peers

AMA member Hunter Pattison, MD, is an emergency medicine resident who sees the impact of organized medicine at the local, national and specialty levels.

Tamaan K. Osbourne-Roberts, MD


Members Move Medicine: Treating patients, shaping policy

AMA member and family physician Tamaan K. Osbourne-Roberts, MD, sees policymaking an extension of Hippocratic Oath’s call to apply “all measures which are required.”

The White House


10 ways the new opioids law could help address the epidemic

The president signs into law a bill that expands access for opioid-use disorder treatment and prevention, and authorizes outpatient treatment alternative payment model.

Paul H. Wick, MD


Members Move Medicine: Improving the lives of uninsured patients

Even in his retirement, AMA member and psychiatrist Paul H. Wick, MD, works to improve the health and well-being of uninsured patients.

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