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  1. As the U.S. nears the 200,000 daily case mark, Americans are urged to avoid Thanksgiving travel.

    1. New York Times, Nov. 20, 2020
    2. The American Hospital Association joined with the American Nurses Association and the American Medical Association, which represents many of the nation’s doctors, to urge the public to be careful over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. (Free registration is required to view content.)
  2. American Medical Association recognizes racism as public health threat

    1. The Hill, Nov. 19, 2020
    2. The American Medical Association (AMA) this week recognized racism as a “serious threat to public health,” and adopted new policies aimed at tackling its impact on health care and medical research.
  3. Nurses, hospitals and doctor groups urge public in open letter to 'celebrate responsibly' during the holidays to stop COVID-19

    1. CNN, Nov. 19, 2020
    2. The American Medical Association (AMA), American Hospital Association (AHA), and the American Nurses Association (ANA) issued an open letter Thursday urging Americans to scale back on traditional gatherings to stop the spread of COVID-19.
  4. A historic day For Black women, A historic day for the American Medical Association

    1. Essence, Nov. 18, 2020
    2. Op-ed by AMA Chief Health Equity Officer Aletha Maybank, MD, MPH.
  5. American Medical Association president urges Trump to share COVID-19 information with Biden transition team

    1. CNN, Nov. 17, 2020
    2. “There just isn't a moment to waste. We are in a critical portion of the pandemic where hospitalizations are beginning to skyrocket again,” AMA President Susan Bailey, MD, said in an interview with CNN’s Kate Bolduan. (Video of interview available in article.)
  6. American Medical Association urges Trump to 'save countless lives' by sharing critical COVID info with Biden transition team

    1. Newsweek, Nov. 17, 2020
    2. The American Medical Association, American Hospital Association and American Nurses Association told the president in a letter that sharing information on therapeutics and supplies necessary for testing and responding to the health crisis is needed to "save countless lives." (Publication subscription is required for full or unlimited access.)
  7. Inside the chaotic, cutthroat gray market for N95 masks

    1. New York Times, Nov. 17, 2020
    2. For those on the front lines, the Trump administration’s decision to be the last line of response felt a lot like abandonment. The nation’s largest health care and labor organizations, such as the American Hospital Association, the American Medical Association and the AFL-CIO have continued to plead for the administration to more forcefully invoke the DPA. (Free registration is required to view content.)
  8. We need doctors more than ever to fight COVID-19, but smaller practices can't afford to stay open

    1. USA Today, Nov. 17, 2020
    2. A survey issued by the American Medical Association (PDF) late last month found the average revenue in medical practices has dropped by 32%.
  9. Why are Black women more likely to suffer hypertension? Researchers point to discrimination

    1. Health Magazine, Nov. 16, 2020
    2. “Studies have found that bias, stereotyping, and prejudice contribute to health inequities, influencing clinical decision-making and patient care for [people] in minoritized communities,” says Aletha Maybank, MD, MPH, chief health equity officer of the American Medical Association.
  10. AMA calls racism a 'public health threat'

    1. Modern Healthcare, Nov. 16, 2020
    2. The American Medical Association Monday voted to recognize systemic racism and interpersonal bias by healthcare workers as a "serious" threat to public health that hinders efforts to achieve health equity and reduce disparities among minority populations. (Publication subscription is required for full or unlimited access.)
  11. Doctors are calling it quits under stress of the pandemic

    1. New York Times, Nov. 15, 2020
    2. The coronavirus crisis has amplified problems that doctors were already facing, whether they own their practice or are employed. “A lot of physicians were hanging on by a thread from burnout before the pandemic even started,” said Susan R. Bailey, MD, the president of the American Medical Association. (Free registration is required to view content.)
  12. AMA: Docs must fight false facts, belittlement of science

    1. MedPage Today, Nov. 14, 2020
    2. Physicians cannot allow misinformation and denigration of science to interfere with healthcare workers' efforts to treat patients affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, American Medical Association (AMA) President Susan Bailey, MD, said Friday evening at the opening session of the AMA Special Meeting of its House of Delegates. (Free registration is required to view content.)
  13. Virus surge breaking infection records across the U.S.

    1. Associated Press, Nov. 12, 2020
    2. “With the holidays quickly approaching, each of us must do everything possible to reduce the spread of COVID-19,” AMA President Susan Bailey, MD, said. “Failing to do our part will prolong the suffering and disruption to our lives and inevitably lead to more deaths of our friends, neighbors and loved ones.”
  14. AMA donates $100,000 toward remote blood pressure monitoring in Chicago

    1. Becker’s Hospital Review, Nov. 9, 2020
    2. The American Medical Association is donating $100,000 to help healthcare organizations on Chicago's West Side to help patients better manage their blood pressure remotely, the AMA said Nov. 9
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