AMA in the News: June 2023


AMA in the News covers media coverage and mentions about the American Medical Association. Find articles recognizing our efforts in health care, advocacy, medical education and improvements in public health. Read coverage on the achievements of our leadership and the members of the AMA community.

  1. Is gun violence an epidemic in the U.S.? Experts and history say it is

    1. NPR, June 29, 2023
    2. After declaring gun violence a "public health crisis" in 2016, the American Medical Association has regularly put forward ways to help bring down the number of deaths and injuries.
  2. Medical schools will be even less diverse after affirmative action ruling, experts say

    1. NBC News, June 29, 2023
    2. Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH, the president of the American Medical Association, echoed Becerra. “Diversity is vital to health care, and this court ruling deals a serious blow to our goal of increasing medical career opportunities for historically marginalized and minoritized people,” he said in a statement. “This ruling is bad for health care, bad for medicine, and undermines the health of our nation.”
  3. Innovative clinic helps doctors avoid burnout and makes health care more affordable

    1. PBS News Hour, June 29, 2023
    2. The American Medical Association says the U.S. faces a growing shortage of physicians, especially those in primary care fields, like internal medicine, mental health and pediatrics.
  4. LGBTQ+ Changemakers:  American Medical Association President Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld

    1. News Is Out, June 29, 2023
    2. Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH, has been practicing medicine and creating better health care opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community for over 20 years. A former combat veteran, Dr. Ehrenfeld has served as chair of the Massachusetts Committee on LGBT Health, co-founded the Vanderbilt Program for LGBTQ Health and is the newly inaugurated president of the American Medical Association.
  5. The AMA’s new president on how abortion restrictions, AI, burnout impact physicians

    1. Healthcare Dive, June 28, 2023
    2. Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH, the association’s newly-elected president, sat down with Healthcare Dive to discuss hot topics for doctors, including the AMA’s position on abortion restrictions, burnout in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and how to develop guidelines on AI in health care.
  6. American Medical Association picks Kentucky doctor as its future president

    1. Louisville Public Media, June 27, 2023
    2. Bruce Scott, MD, grew up in Louisville and built a career here as an otolaryngologist—also known as an ear, nose and throat doctor. Now, he’s the American Medical Association’s new president-elect.
  7. Q&A with new American Medical Association president

    1. Healthleaders, June 23, 2023
    2. Physicians are facing many challenges, including the fallout from a long pandemic, barriers to care, Medicare reimbursement cuts and workforce shortages, says Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH, the new president of the American Medical Association.
  8. Congress explores changes to the way Medicare pays doctors

    1. STAT, June 22, 2023
    2. The American Medical Association recently voted to support a lobbying campaign on this issue. AMA president Jack Resneck Jr., MD, calling it the result of “duct-taping the widening cracks of a dilapidated payment system,” to a thunderous standing ovation at the AMA national meeting this month. (Publication subscription is required for full or unlimited access.)
  9. AMA announces 2023 recipients of EHR Use Research Grant Program

    1. EHR Intelligence, June 21, 2023
    2. The American Medical Association (AMA) has selected nine organizations as recipients of the 2023 EHR Use Research Grant Program.
  10. Jesse Ehrenfeld, new AMA president, says “we have a health care system in crisis”

    1. CBS News, June 15, 2023
    2. Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH, made history this week when he was inaugurated as the new president of the American Medical Association, the first openly gay leader of the AMA. He spoke to "CBS Evening News" anchor and managing editor Norah O'Donnell about some of the challenges the organization faces.
  11. Medical group says B.M.I. alone is not enough to assess health and weight

    1. New York Times, June 15, 2023
    2. The American Medical Association voted to adopt a new policy on Tuesday encouraging doctors not to rely only on body mass index, a long-used but potentially misleading metric, when assessing weight and health. (Publication subscription is required for full or unlimited access.)
  12. Q&A: New AMA president optimistic despite 'health care system in crisis'

    1. Healio, June 14, 2023
    2. The AMA’s new president told Healio about his plans for the position and his priorities for the AMA. Among them are efforts to reduce physician burnout. Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH, was recently sworn in as president of the AMA. Ehrenfeld is the first openly gay person to serve as AMA president.
  13. New AMA President urges more action on substance use disorder, mental illness

    1. MedPage Today, June 14, 2023
    2. The American Medical Association (AMA) must continue the fight against substance use disorder, firearm violence, and other problems affecting patients and those who care for them, Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH, said here Tuesday evening after being sworn in as the association's 178th president.
  14. Physicians beyond 'breaking point' want Medicare pay reform

    1. Becker’s Hospital Review, June 13, 2023
    2. Inflation, the pandemic, declining reimbursements and rising cost are making it more challenging for independent physicians to maintain their autonomy and are jeopardizing access to care, according to the AMA, which argues that CMS physician payments have declined 26 percent from 2001 to 2023 after accounting for inflation.
  15. Outgoing AMA chief warns pay, political pressure are wearing on doctors

    1. Crain’s Chicago Business, June 12, 2023
    2. AMA President Jack Resneck, Jr., MD, said in his final remarks this weekend at the AMA House of Delegates meeting in Chicago that he's "appalled" by recent physician pay cuts from Medicare, which create an existential crisis for many doctors. (Publication subscription is required for full or unlimited access.)
  16. AMA: U.S. health care system headed for success after 2022 hurdles

    1. Revcycle Intelligence, June 12, 2023
    2. Under the AMA Recovery Plan for America’s Physicians, the organization has helped extend Medicare telehealth coverage, limit scope of practice expansions—which AMA maintains threaten patient safety—establish wellness programs for physicians, and reform licensing and credentialing forms.
  17. States must stop criminalizing medicine, AMA Delegates say

    1. MedPage Today, June 11, 2023
    2. The criminalization of medicine is taking its toll on physicians—and not just those who perform abortions, members of the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates said here Saturday during the AMA annual meeting. (Free registration is required to view content.)
  18. Louisville-based doctor voted president-elect of American Medical Association

    1., June 10, 2023
    2. Bruce A. Scott, MD, a Louisville-based doctor, will become president of AMA in June 2024 after serving as president-elect for a year.
  19. AI a top issue at this weekend's AMA policy meeting

    1. Modern Healthcare, June 9, 2023
    2. Artificial intelligence, and worries that it will lead to patient misinformation, are key topics at this year's American Medical Association House of Delegates meeting in Chicago. (Free registration is required to view content.)
  20. AMA President: ‘I can’t sugarcoat the very real threats’

    1. Healthleaders, June 9, 2023
    2. In the final speech of his American Medical Association presidency on Friday, Jack Resneck Jr., MD, offered his assessment of the U.S. health care system to the AMA House of Delegates.