STEPS Forward webinar series

On Dec. 3, 2020, the AMA held a webinar in the AMA STEPS Forward™ series: "Organizational Culture and Physician Well-being."

Learn the key physician leadership behaviors that will improve their team’s satisfaction at work and explore active inquiry tools to assist in engaging your physician colleagues to decrease emotional exhaustion and burnout. 




AMA STEPS Forward® webinars

Access AMA STEPS Forward® webinars on physician well-being, practice redesign and implementing telehealth during COVID-19.

Kevin Taylor, MD 

Medical director, IHA Primary Care and Geriatric Services, Towsley Health Center 

Speaker bio

Kevin Taylor, MD 

Dr. Taylor is a primary care internal medicine physician with a broad experience as a physician leader and is currently the medical director for the IHA Primary Care and Geriatric Services at the Towsley Health Center in Ann Arbor Michigan. Dr. Taylor is a certified change practitioner and executive coach who recently served as the organizational transformation director for the Professional Satisfaction and Practice Sustainability Department at the American Medical Association. 

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