AMA fights causes of physician burnout


More than 50% of physicians in practice have reported a symptom of burnout.

Physician burnout in the U.S. has become a crisis, with a recent survey by the AMA revealing that more than 50% of physicians who responded reported a symptom of burnout. Large-scale change is needed to address this and protect physicians and patients.

Membership fights burnout

The AMA is tackling the key causes of burnout through advocacy, research and the development of resources. Join the movement to fight burnout and help us provide relief for physicians.

The AMA is fighting system-level drivers of physician burnout by focusing on removing administrative burdens, providing real-world solutions and helping physicians rediscover the joy in medicine.

  1. Advocating for you

    1. The AMA fights for legislation that provides wellness resources and ensures confidentiality for physicians seeking them.
  2. Finding solutions

    1. The AMA’s Physician Well-Being program raises awareness, advances knowledge and drives change to reduce physician burnout.
  3. Focusing on systems

    1. The AMA’s Organizational Biopsy® helps health systems measure and improve the health of their organization.
  4. Inspiring change

    1. The AMA’s Joy in Medicine™ Health System Recognition Program guides organizations committed to improving satisfaction and reducing burnout.
  5. Creating policy

    1. The AMA creates policies through its House of Delegates that solidify and project the AMA’s stance on the causes of physician burnout.
  6. Empowering members

    1. The “debunking regulatory myths” series helps reduce guesswork and physician administrative burdens.

Become a member and help the AMA tackle the key causes of burnout to protect physicians and patients.

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