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Reducing Regulatory Burden Playbook


Health care is heavily regulated by federal and state legislatures, agencies, boards, payers, and health systems, leading to significant oversight and compliance burdens for physicians. These regulations, sometimes misinterpreted as requirements by compliance professionals, contribute to operational inefficiencies and unnecessary burdens on care teams, necessitating legal and compliance support to navigate and align with current practice standards effectively.

Reducing Regulatory Burden Playbook

Access this playbook to clarify often misunderstood and overinterpreted regulations and learn strategies to reduce administrative burdens.

In many areas of a health care organization, well-intended overinterpretation or misinterpretation of regulatory requirements can lead to additional work, excessive documentation, an increased cognitive burden, and dysfunction within the care team. This playbook seeks to clarify often misunderstood and overinterpreted regulations and offers strategies to reduce administrative burdens.

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The Reducing Regulatory Burden Playbook is intended for:

  • Clinical team members (e.g., physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, and medical assistants)
  • Organizational leaders (e.g., chief medical officers [CMOs], chief operating officers [COOs], chief wellness officers [CWOs], chief legal officers [CLOs], and chief compliance officers [CCOs])
  • Medical practice operations leaders (e.g., medical directors, nurse managers, practice managers)

This playbook explains four core strategies for approaching regulatory compliance burdens to practice redesign, innovation, and efficiency.

  • Stop This
  • Start That
  • Leverage the Business Case for Change
  • Share and Celebrate Success Stories

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