2023 PPPS Annual Meeting highlights


The Private Practice Physicians Section held its 2023 Annual Meeting on Friday, June 9, 2023, in Chicago, Illinois. The meeting was attended by more than 40 private practice physicians and invited guests. Attendees were pleased to see the ongoing support for the section and robust engagement.

Attendees heard updates from the Candidate Interview Committee regarding interviews of candidates for elected positions in the House of Delegates, an update about activities and actions from the AMA Foundation, and a brief presentation on AMA advocacy efforts.

Attendees heard an educational presentation from Asa Lockhart, MD, principal and co-founder of Golden Caduceus Consultants entitled “Physician Transition Strategies” that explored methods and best practices for physicians seeking to make a change in how they practice, be it from employed status to private practice, private practice to retirement, and other transitions. Attendees heard a second educational seminar entitled “Boost Your Private Practice: Branding and Marketing Strategies for Growth” from Rob Rosenburg and Donna Arbogast of Springboard Brand & Creative, who delivered a live broadcast presentation on strategies for private practice physicians thinking about branding and marketing their practices.

The section transmitted four resolutions to the House of Delegates for consideration at its Annual 2023 Meeting:

  • Alternate Resolution 2—Physician Owned Hospitals
  • Resolution 3—Alignment of Specialty Designations for Advanced Practice Providers With Their Supervising Physicians
  • Resolution 4—Proper Use of Overseas Virtual Assistants in Medical Practice
  • Resolution 7—Health System Consolidation-Revisited

The section additionally reaffirmed existing policy for one resolution:

  • Resolution 1—Vertical Consolidation in Healthcare—Markets or Monopolies

Read the PPPS Annual Meeting policy proceedings (PDF) for more information about PPPS resolutions at the AMA House of Delegates.