2023 OMSS Annual Meeting highlights


The Organized Medical Staff Section held its 2023 Interim Meeting on Friday, June 9, in Chicago, Illinois. The meeting had more than 50 attendees, including OMSS members and invited guests.

Attendees heard a presentation from John Mack of Operational Solutions titled “Protecting Our Healers: Risk Management Strategies.” The program focused on the skills and tools that physicians can use to keep themselves and their patients physically safe during emergencies or times of acute crisis, such as natural disasters or physical attacks. The program was attended by more than 50 members and the slides are available upon request (email [email protected]).

Attendees heard from Richard Hawkins, MD, President and CEO of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) on updates to certification standards and ABMS Board Certification and medical staff bylaws. Matthew Gold, MD, OMSS delegate to the House of Delegates led an additional session entitled “Empowering Patients as Advocates” which examined the ways that physicians can work with their patients to help them become better advocates for medicine and improved access to their care.

The section transmitted seven resolutions to the House of Delegates for consideration at its Annual 2023 Meeting, including one resolution that the section previously considered at Interim 2022 but was ultimately not heard before the House (“Mattress Safety in the Hospital Setting”):

  • Alternate Resolution 3—Supporting Efforts to Strengthen Medical Staffs Through Collective Bargaining and/or Unionization
  • Resolution 4—Rural Hospital Payment Models
  • Resolution 5—Advocate to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and The Joint Commission to Redefine the Term “Provider” and Not Delete the Term “Licensed Independent Practitioner”
  • Resolution 8—The Economics of Prior Authorization
  • Resolution 11—Establishing a Formal Definition of “Employed Physician”
  • Resolution 12—Enabling the Sections of the American Medical Association
  • Resolution 13—Rescinding the Medicare Three Day Hospital Inpatient Requirement for Nursing Home Admission

The section additionally voted to refer three resolutions back to the governing council for further action:

  • Resolution 1—Ensuring Medical Staff Leaders Can Continue in Elected Leadership Positions Whether or Not They Continue to Have Contact with the Medical Facility
  • Resolution 7—Advocacy Education Towards a Sustainable Medical Care System
  • Resolution 10—Managing Conflict of Interest Inherent in New Payment Models—Patient Disclosure

The section reaffirmed existing policy for two resolutions:

  • Resolution 2—Active AMA Involvement in Legislation That is Potentially Harmful to Physicians and Patients in States
  • Resolution 9—Reducing the Risk of Danger Associated With E-Scooters

Read the OMSS Annual Meeting policy proceedings (PDF) for more information about OMSS resolutions at the AMA House of Delegates.

Request the key actions presentation

A PowerPoint summary of key actions taken by OMSS during the Annual Meeting is available by request. Please email Jason Ranville at [email protected] for additional information.