2023 MSS Interim Meeting highlights


Approximately 300 medical students participated in the Medical Student Section (MSS) Assembly. Read on to find out what the MSS Assembly addressed related to resolutions, educational programs and the outcome of elections.

The MSS Assembly discussed 26 items of business. MSS transmitted 27 items for consideration by the AMA House of Delegates at the Interim Meeting.

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Educational programs included:

  • Sexual Assault Survivor: What Happens in a Forensic Evaluation and Exam?
  • Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, An Overview
  • Stepping Outside the Four Walls: Understanding Street Medicine
  • Talking Trans Advocacy

Additionally, the MSS co-sponsored the following program with Medical Student Outreach Program (MSOP):

  • B.E.S.T. Training–Boost, Energize, Sustain, Together!

The MSS Assembly elected the chair-elect and student member to the Board of Trustees at the MSS Assembly meeting.

  • Anand Singh, chair-elect
  • Aliya Siddiqui, MS, student member to the Board of Trustees (second term)

Congratulations to Anand and Aliya!