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How to find medical student leadership opportunities

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With today’s physicians expected to lead care teams, medical students are uniquely positioned to take advantage of professional development in leadership. The question is where does a medical student start if they want to become a medical leader? 

Find leadership opportunities

The AMA offers local and national leadership opportunities to help medical students develop their leadership skills and advocate for patients and the profession.

There are many sources of professional development in leadership for medical students today.

  • In-class experience: With the growth of team-based care, more medical schools are bringing interprofessional training into their curricula, allowing future physicians to work with future nurses and allied health professionals. 
  • Find a campus group: Student affinity groups and governance bodies, like a student council, are a great place to get leadership experience. 
  • Tap into alumni networks: Your undergraduate alumni association may have opportunities to play a leadership role in your local chapter. 
  • Look outside campus: Discover leadership opportunities with outside groups focused on local or national health care issues. 

The American Medical Association offers leadership openings and training to help you grow as a leader. With an AMA membership, medical students can take advantage of these opportunities:

Leadership openings

Professional development

  • Poster Showcase
    • Provides medical students the opportunity to showcase their leadership projects and engage with the AMA beyond traditional policy and advocacy activities.
  • Leadership education modules
    • Build your skills through AMA-hosted online training modules.

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