2023 AMA Annual Meeting: 7 issues to watch

Kevin B. O'Reilly , News Editor

Nearly 700 physicians and medical students are gathering in Chicago for the 2023 AMA Annual Meeting to consider proposals across a wide range of clinical practice, payment, medical education and public health topics. The meeting opens Friday and runs through June 14.

AMA Recovery Plan for America’s Physicians

After fighting for physicians during the pandemic, the AMA is taking on the next extraordinary challenge: Renewing the nation’s commitment to physicians.

The AMA House of Delegates will work in a democratic process to create a national physician consensus on emerging issues in public health, science, ethics, business and government to improve the care and public heath of patients and communities. The policies adopted at this meeting will give the AMA direction and act as a driving force on the future of American medicine.

AMA delegates also will have the opportunity to engage with educational offerings covering issues such as how loneliness is a social driver of health among older adults.

There are more than 200 reports and resolutions that will be considered at the 2023 AMA Annual Meeting. Many will help further the progress of the AMA Recovery Plan for America’s Physicians, which is rebuilding critical components of our profession by:

Among the items of business that could help advance the Recovery Plan for America’s Physicians are these seven:

  • Alternate Resolution 214, “AMA Efforts on Medicare Payment Reform.”
  • Resolution 201, “Opposition to Pharmacists Testing, Diagnosing, and Treating Medical Conditions.”
  • Resolution 213, “Telemedicine Services and Health Equity.”
  • Resolution 218, “Promoting Supervision of Emergency Care Services in Emergency Departments by Physicians.”
  • Resolution 316, “Physician Medical Conditions and Questions on Applications for Medical Licensure, Specialty Boards, and Institutional Privileges.”
  • Resolution 720, “Prior Authorization Costs, AMA Update to CMS.”
  • Resolution 721, “Use of Augmented Intelligence for Prior Authorization."

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New coalition to advance health equity with coordinated action

Physicians and medical students attending the meeting at the Hyatt Regency Chicago also have the opportunity to learn from experts on a variety of subjects, including these below.

“Health Equity Open Forum.” This three-part forum focuses on advancing health equity through organized medicine and leadership-led conversations.

The first session will provide an overview of Rise to Health: A National Coalition for Equity in Health Care. Attendees will learn about opportunities for professional societies and individual health care practitioners to advance health equity. That will be followed by two fireside chats. One will focus on LGBTQ+ health, and the other on truth and reconciliation in obstetrics and gynecology. (Sunday, June 11, 1–4 p.m. CDT, Grand Ballroom.)

“Advances in Obesity Care.” The AMA recognized obesity as a treatable disease in 2013. In spite of this recognition, obesity rates have continued to climb and it is estimated that today, 42% of Americans are living with obesity. The AMA Board of Trustees is taking action, researching the landscape to develop strategies to improve health outcomes for those affected by obesity.

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New coalition to advance health equity with coordinated action

In this session, attendees will gain an understanding of why obesity is a disease and how to make a real difference improving overall health beyond just losing weight. In addition, speakers will take a careful look at weight bias and stigma, and explore why less than 2% of Americans living with obesity get evidence-based treatment. Finally, the session will include a review the most up-to-date treatment options. (Monday, June 12, 8–9 a.m. CDT, Grand Ballroom.)

Learn more about the 2023 AMA Annual Meeting’s education sessions.

Highlights of the meeting’s key moments and House of Delegates policy actions will be posted daily at the AMA website and the 2023 AMA Annual Meeting website.

Addresses from leadership and more will be featured on the AMA’s YouTube channel.

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