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Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine (OU-HCOM) is developing a new osteopathic medical education value-based care curriculum, which is an innovative, competency-based program that integrates primary care delivery and medical education. The curriculum is being developed by a team of medical and education professionals from OU-HCOM and the Cleveland Clinic and will be implemented at the OU-HCOM Cleveland campus.

2019 spring consortium meeting

Poster presented: Medical Students’ Added Value in Accelerated Training program (PDF)

Need/gap addressed:

The OUHCOM Transformative Care Continuum aims to prove value to learners through participation in projects that teach skills related to quality improvement, leadership and teamwork. These skills will be practiced in a longitudinal and progressive way that ultimately results in community based population health projects. The program also aims to show value added to the programs that participate in training these students that will help to offset the time costs to faculty participating in training the students.

Additionally, rather than being a form of non-productive work, we aim to show student gains in knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and skills that result from these value added skills. This will be achieved by following survey data as well as journal entries and competencies over time.

Recruitment efforts to select students with skills to adapt with rapid changes and respond with high emotional intelligence in team and interprofessional settings has begun. Currently, professionalism is a area of concern both in undergraduate medical settings as well as in graduate medical education programs.

Finally, by addressing core educational areas important for future family physicians, the program aims to produce more “residency-ready” and “practice-ready” professionals, who can bring improvement to the current value and satisfaction equation in health care.

Principal investigator: Isaac Kirstein, DO
Dean, Cleveland campus

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