Hosted by AMA physician leaders, each installment of this webinar series aims to gain fact-based insights from the nation’s highest-ranking subject matter experts working to protect the health of the public, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. Episode One: AMA webinar series: FDA review process for COVID-19 vaccine candidates

    In the first episode, AMA leaders and experts from the FDA provided a comprehensive overview of the COVID-19 vaccine and an inside look at the FDA development and approval process of a vaccine.

  2. Episode Two: CDC Update on COVID-19 vaccine development

    The second episode focused on the CDC’s role in vaccine review and immunization programs. The purpose of this discussion was to help physicians and the public have a better understanding of the vaccine development process, as well as allocation and distribution of a vaccine, or vaccines, when they become available. 

  3. Episode Three: Project Firstline–CDC’s new national training collaborative for infection control 

    Join Dr. Bailey and Mike Bell, MD, Deputy Director of Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion, CDC, to kick off Project Firstline, CDC’s new national training collaborative for infection control.

  4. Episode Four: What physicians need to know about vaccine development

    Experts discuss the latest developments on the road to effective COVID-19 vaccines, including a deep dive into the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) process, specifically how the timeline has been shortened from a matter of years to a matter of months.

  5. Episode Five: Vaccine safety and delivery

    1. The AMA welcomes back Dr. Marks, Director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at the FDA, to discuss the road ahead now that vaccines are available. 
  6. Episode Six: Therapeutics for use in COVID-19

    1. Dr. Bailey welcomes three physician leaders from the FDA to discuss the state of therapeutic clinical trials for use in COVID-19 worldwide.
  7. Episode Seven: Peter Marks, MD, PhD, discusses Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine pause

    1. Peter Marks, MD, PhD, Director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), joins AMA President Susan R. Bailey to discuss the most up-to-date vaccine information, including the recent paused distribution of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

  8. Episode Eight: What Physicians Need to Know webinar: Vaccine misinformation

    Physicians are facing a barrage of patient questions about the COVID-19 vaccine based on extensive rumors, misinformation and disinformation circulating amongst the American public. In the latest webinar, experts discuss vaccine misinformation.



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