Membership Moves Medicine™

An AMA membership means support and resources for new hypertension guidelines to reduce your patients' risk for heart disease.

Improve hypertension control in your patients

Graphic of physicians, patient and a clipboard.

AMA’s STEPS Forward™ strategies help you to:

  • Measure, Act and Partner (M.A.P.) to help patients control blood pressure
  • Identify answers to commonly asked questions
  • Access resources for implementing the strategies presented 
  • Connect with a consultant to guide your team through implementation

Partner with patients on hypertension guidelines

A physician shakes hands with her patient.

Target: BP™ initiative looks to reduce hypertension by:

  • Encouraging patients to work with their physicians to create a treatment plan that focuses on a healthy lifestyle.
  • Enabling Self-measured BP (SMBP) for your patients. SMBP can help better diagnose high BP and effectively manage patients.
  • Providing a team-based solution that can be implemented with minimal disruption to your existing workflow.
  • Providing a recognition program to recognize you for your efforts. 

Patient-focused approaches to improve blood pressure control

Six diverse physicians sit at a table and have a discussion.

Team with peers to:

  • Learn about best practices to get patients to commit to a treatment plan
  • Discuss and follow evidence-based treatment protocols

Targeting Hypertension