AMA Statements

AMA statement on declining life expectancy

The trend of declining life expectancy in the United States is deeply concerning and demands an all-hands-on-deck approach to reverse course.

AMA Statements

AMA statement on FDA plan to prevent youth access to flavored tobacco

The AMA applauds FDA’s announcement of its plan to make harmful tobacco products less accessible and less appealing to our nation’s youth.

AMA Statements

AMA applauds HHS for revisions to Medicare E/M policies

The AMA applauded HHS efforts to rein in documentation requirements that interfere with the patient-physician relationship.

AMA Statements

AMA statement on president’s plan for prescription drugs

Physicians share their patients’ concerns with the cost of prescription drugs. We appreciate the Trump Administration addressing this important issue.

AMA Statements

AMA encourages people 6 months and older to get vaccinated against flu

As flu season begins, AMA encourages every eligible American to be vaccinated against the flu, ideally by the end of October.

AMA Statements

AMA on proposal to increase transparency in drug ads

While AMA is opposed to consumer advertising of prescription drugs, since the practice is allowed, ads should come with at least a small dose of transparency.

AMA Statements

AMA statement on CVS-Aetna merger: not enough patient protection

AMA welcomes the DOJ requiring Aetna to divest its Medicare Part D business, but disappointed that they didn’t go further by blocking the CVS-Aetna merger.

AMA Statements

AMA statement on Nobel Prize in Medicine

AMA congratulates the Nobel Prize in Medicine winners on their extraordinary breakthroughs in the fight against cancer.

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