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AMA in the News: January 2023


AMA in the News covers media coverage and mentions about the American Medical Association. Find articles recognizing our efforts in health care, advocacy, medical education and improvements in public health. Read coverage on the achievements of our leadership and the members of the AMA community.

  1. Where telehealth can help patients, and providers, avoid in-person care

    1. Chief Healthcare Executive, Jan. 30, 2023
    2. More doctors are using telehealth, at least on an occasional basis. Four out of five doctors (80%) used telehealth or virtual visits in 2022, according to a survey by the American Medical Association.
  2. FDA eases blood donation ban on gay and bisexual men after years of protest

    1. The Washington Post, Jan. 27, 2023
    2. The proposed relaxation of restrictions by the Food and Drug Administration follows years of pressure by blood banks, the American Medical Association and LGBT rights organizations to abandon rules some experts say are outdated, homophobic and ineffective at keeping the nation’s blood supply safe.(Publication subscription is required for full or unlimited access.)
  3. States jump into fight over prior authorization requirements

    1. Axios, Jan. 27, 2023
    2. A third of providers surveyed in 2021 (PDF) by the American Medical Association said delays caused by prior authorization have led to a serious adverse event for one of their patients. The physicians' group is pushing model legislation that would apply to individual and small-market plans in state health insurance markets. (Free registration is required to view content.)
  4. Two new abortion pill lawsuits could have major federal consequences

    1. Axios, Jan. 26, 2023
    2. Abortion pills are considered safe and effective by major medical groups, including the American Medical Association and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (PDF). (Free registration is required to view content.)
  5. G.O.P. state lawmakers push a growing wave of anti-transgender bills

    1. New York Times, Jan. 25, 2023
    2. Conservative activists have emphasized parental control and child protection, calling transition care harmful, an assertion rejected by the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics and other medical groups. (Publication subscription is required for full or unlimited access.)
  6. Emailing your doctor may carry a fee

    1. New York Times, Jan. 24, 2023
    2. Jack Resneck Jr., MD, president of the American Medical Association, said he supported insurance coverage for emailing as a way to adjust health care models to fast-changing times. (Publication subscription is required for full or unlimited access.)
  7. Cook County blood pressure pilot registers results

    1. Crain’s Chicago Business, Jan. 23, 2023
    2. In the fall of 2020, Cook County Health launched the AMA MAP BP pilot program to improve its overall blood pressure-control rate, which was at about 40%. AMA MAP BP is a six-month continuous quality improvement program. And since the launch, the health system's logged a 13-percentage point improvement in blood pressure control where the program is in place, the American Medical Association reports. (Publication subscription is required for full or unlimited access.)
  8. MedPAC recommends raises for physicians, hospitals getting Medicare reimbursement

    1. Medical Economics, Jan. 16, 2023
    2. "As the only Medicare provider without an inflationary payment update, physicians have waited a long time for this change,” AMA President Jack Resneck Jr., MD, said in a news release. “When adjusted for inflation, Medicare physician payment has declined (PDF) 22% from 2001 to 2021.”
  9. AMA President addresses the state of medicine

    1. Psychiatric Times, Jan. 13, 2023
    2. In a recent speech, American Medical Association (AMA) President Jack Resneck Jr., MD, shared his frustration with the unrelenting disinformation being spread and the growing government interference in health care.
  10. AMA blood pressure system lowers blood pressure by 13%

    1. Becker’s Hospital Review, Jan. 12, 2023
    2. Chicago-based Cook County Health used the American Medical Association's MAP BP program to reduce blood pressure by 13 percent among patients.
  11. American Medical Association at CES 2023: How digital health and AI are revolutionizing patient care

    1. Tech Times, Jan. 6, 2023
    2. As the largest and most influential physician organization in the U.S., the AMA has a long history of shaping state policy decisions and leading the charge to confront public health crises. With a focus on the present and future of healthcare delivery, the AMA is increasingly recognizing the role that digital technologies and AI can play in improving patient care, clinician well-being, and lowering costs.