Barriers associated with accessing records of the deceased

Patients and their primary care partners may face a wide range of barriers when attempting to access their medical records. Loved ones often encounter even steeper challenges when requesting access to records of the deceased (PDF).

Patient Access Playbook summary

Medical professionals have a role in responding to and fulfilling requests to share patient health records.

FAQs on requesting images on CD

This guidance has been curated by the AMA to address the most frequently asked questions physicians may have about providing patients with access to their images on CD (PDF).

Obtaining medical records from practices that are closed

While there are numerous reasons that a practice may close, patients and their families may encounter significant barriers to obtaining medical records (PDF) if a physician’s practice closes.

The Patient Access Playbook (PDF) focuses on dispelling HIPAA myths and helping physicians understand their obligations to provide patients with access to their health information.

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