CPT® Developer Program

CPT Developer Program

The AMA is attacking dysfunction in health care by removing obstacles and burdens that interfere with patient care. With CPT content, the AMA's focus is on making technology an asset in the delivery of health care, not a burden.

To help developers turn amazing ideas into innovations that transform health care the AMA has created the CPT Developer Program, with access to the AMA’s best CPT content and resources.

CPT Developer Program

Sign up to access CPT content to build and test innovations that will help to improve patient care.

CPT Developer Program Community

Construct and assess solutions with AMA content, and use these solutions to drive continued adoption and acceptance of the CPT code system. Resources include:

  • CPT® development license: Available for new organizations to access CPT content to build and test innovations with a royalty-free license.
  • Developer portal: Get the latest CPT content with modern delivery options.
  • Educational opportunities: Receive regular updates about upcoming industry news, webinars and events.

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