Exclusive savings on Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Mercedes-Benz EQS Sedan

Your AMA membership makes you eligible for exceptional savings on a host of impressive Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The craftsmanship, intelligence and performance that you expect from a Mercedes-Benz vehicle is exactly what you get with the EQ lineup. Mercedes-Benz continues its long legacy of excellence and pushes that level of commitment even further.

Joining the AMA may get you one step closer to leasing or purchasing a luxury vehicle you’ve only been dreaming about. AMA members enjoy hundreds of dollars worth of savings and receive member-only incentives towards a down payment or cash due at signing.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles deliver power and performance with top-of-the-line lighting technology and advanced safety features. Thanks to efficient technology innovations, Mercedes drivers can connect to their car wherever they are.

Other features that make Mercedes-Benz automobiles so unique include:

  • Sporty and elegant exterior with excellent aerodynamics.
  • Carefully-selected interior textures, gloss levels, grain, colors.
  • A timeless blend of analog and digital controls and displays.
  • Wide range of materials including steel, carbon fiber, supple Nappa leather and sustainably-sourced woods.
  • Various crumple zones and advanced airbag systems, including seat belts reinforced with airbags to protect the ribcage.

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1 Fleet incentives available only for qualified customers on certain MY23 Mercedes-Benz models. Not all engine variants eligible for Fleet incentives. Please confirm with dealership if chosen vehicle is eligible for Fleet incentives at the time of purchase. Incentive must be used at time of purchase/lease. Eligible person must be the buyer/co-buyer or lessee/co-lessee. Star AccessSM incentives cannot be used in conjunction with Diplomat, European Delivery, Special Demos, Certificate Programs, Mercedes-Benz Incentive Bonus Cash and other Fleet programs, or non-U.S. specification vehicles. Incentive amounts are subject to change on a monthly basis and should be confirmed with your dealer at the time of transaction. Amount of actual savings may vary depending on model selected. Offer expires October 2, 2023.