Advocacy Update

Oct. 9, 2020: State Advocacy Update 


The AMA released a new issue brief on physician health and well-being that focuses on balancing the need for physician privacy and confidentiality while also reducing stigma and directly addressing ongoing concerns about inappropriate medical board licensing questions that may deter physicians from seeking care. The issue brief also provides sample legislative and regulatory language and examples of county medical society programs helping physicians seek confidential support. 

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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, physician burnout was already a major challenge for the U.S. health care system, impacting nearly every aspect of clinical care. Recent studies show a national burnout rate of 43.9% among physicians in practice, including private practice, academic medical centers and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Physician burnout can lead to devastating consequences for patients and doctors.

The COVID-19 pandemic has in some parts of the country pushed physician burnout to crisis levels, as physicians have been desperately needed to care for patients on the frontlines. Many physicians have for long periods of time been subject to extremely stressful conditions during the pandemic—conditions that have made them particularly vulnerable to negative mental and physical health effects.

The AMA encourages medical societies to work with the AMA to help ensure physicians have access to confidential care.

Access the issue brief.