Jan. 15, 2021: State Advocacy Update


The AMA and Manatt Health partnered to create a new policy roadmap for 2021 that highlights state progress over the past year and identifies effective state-based policy solutions to combat the drug overdose epidemic. A recent webinar from the AMA and Manatt shared key highlights from the expanded “National Roadmap on State-Level Efforts to End the Nation’s Drug Overdose Epidemic,” which builds on the 2019 policy recommendations with summaries of what states have done to combat the epidemic and where more action is needed in the coming year.  

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What results are states seeing? How has COVID-19 created new challenges—but also opened new opportunities? How has the new national focus on addressing racial inequities in care exposed huge disparities in how different populations fare with respect to substance use disorders (SUD)? The webinar and the roadmap on which it’s based address those critical issues—and we want to be sure that you don’t miss any of the important information presented during the program. The webinar covers a wide range of critical issues, from parity enforcement to the effects of Medicaid expansion on SUD treatment to actions states can take now to ensure access to care during COVID-19. It provides specific recommendations, including leading best practices to end the nation’s drug overdose epidemic.