AMPAC is the bipartisan political action committee of the American Medical Association.  AMPAC’s mission is to find and support candidates for Congressional offices, whether it is a new candidate for office who will make physicians and patients a top priority, or a candidate running for reelection who has proven to be a friend of medicine.

Important message from the AMA

As healers, physicians abhor violence and were shocked and dismayed by the events of Jan. 6 at the United States Capitol. In the days since, we have received inquiries about how that event may impact our future support of Congressional candidates.  AMPAC, AMA’s independent bipartisan political action committee, carefully considers all budgeting and contribution decisions. This is a rigorous process that evolves throughout each two-year election cycle. While this process has not yet formally begun for the 2021-2022 cycle, the AMPAC board’s deliberative process will include a review of the recent electoral college certification vote and the violent attacks that occurred at the U. S. Capitol.


AMPAC is an important part of the AMA’s overall advocacy efforts, because it gives physicians a tangible means to support candidates who will help medicine in Congress.

AMPAC supports candidates entirely with money raised from membership dues from AMPAC members, therefore a contribution made to a candidate by AMPAC represents the support of thousands of physicians who themselves contributed to AMPAC.

AMPAC also strives to help more physicians get personally involved in politics, and holds several workshops each year to educate physicians about the intricacies of politics and political campaigns. There are several levels to show your AMPAC support, click here to learn more about AMPAC’s contribution levels.