Approved Hydrophilic Names


For nomenclature purposes, contact lens materials are divided into hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups, depending on their water content. Materials with water content greater than or equal to 10% by weight at ambient temperature are assigned "-filcon" names. The "-focon" stem is assigned to hydrophobic lens materials with water content less than 10%.

abafilcon A

acofilcon A

acofilcon B

acquafilcon A

alofilcon A

alphafilcon A

amfilcon A (reclassified to ocufilcon series)

astifilcon A

atlafilcon A


balafilcon A

bisfilcon A

bufilcon A


comfilcon A

crofilcon A

cyclofilcon A


darfilcon A

delefilcon A

deltafilcon A

deltafilcon B

dimefilcon A

droxifilcon A


efrofilcon A

elastofilcon A

enfilcon A

epsiflcon A

esterifilcon A

etafilcon A


focofilcon A


galyfilcon A

genfilcon A

govafilcon A


hefilcon A

hefilcon B

hefilcon C

hefilcon D

hilafilcon A

hilafilcon B

hioxifilcon A

hioxifilcon B

hioxifilcon C

hioxifilcon D

hydrofilcon A


iberfilcon A


lenefilcon A

licryfilcon A

licryfilcon B

lidofilcon A

lidofilcon B

lotrafilcon A

lotrafilcon B


mafilcon A

mesifilcon A

methafilcon B

mipafilcon A


narafilcon A

narafilcon B

nelfilcon A

nesofilcon A

netrafilcon A


ocufilcon A

ocufilcon B

ocufilcon C

ocufilcon D

ocufilcon E

ocufilcon F

ofilcon A

omafilcon A

oxyfilcon A


pentafilcon A

perfilcon A

petrafocon A-hem-larafilcon A

pevafilcon A

phemfilcon A

phemfilcon B

polymacon A

polymacon B


senofilcon A

shofilcon A

sifilcon A

silafilcon A

siloxyfilcon A

surfilcon A


tasfilcon A

tefilcon A

tetrafilcon A

trifilcon A


uvifilcon A


vasurfilcon A

vifilcon A

vifilcon B


xylofilcon A