For nomenclature purposes, contact lens materials are divided into hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups, depending on their water content. Materials with water content greater than or equal to 10% by weight at ambient temperature are assigned "-filcon" names. The "-focon" stem is assigned to hydrophobic lens materials with water content less than 10%.

abafilcon A

acofilcon A

acofilcon B

acquafilcon A

alofilcon A

alphafilcon A

amfilcon A (reclassified to ocufilcon series)

astifilcon A

atlafilcon A


balafilcon A

bisfilcon A

bufilcon A


comfilcon A

crofilcon A

cyclofilcon A


darfilcon A

delefilcon A

deltafilcon A

deltafilcon B

dimefilcon A

droxifilcon A


efrofilcon A

elastofilcon A

enfilcon A

epsiflcon A

esterifilcon A

etafilcon A


focofilcon A


galyfilcon A

genfilcon A

govafilcon A


hefilcon A

hefilcon B

hefilcon C

hefilcon D

hilafilcon A

hilafilcon B

hioxifilcon A

hioxifilcon B

hioxifilcon C

hioxifilcon D

hydrofilcon A


iberfilcon A


lenefilcon A

licryfilcon A

licryfilcon B

lidofilcon A

lidofilcon B

lotrafilcon A

lotrafilcon B


mafilcon A

mesifilcon A

methafilcon B

mipafilcon A


narafilcon A

narafilcon B

nelfilcon A

nesofilcon A

netrafilcon A


ocufilcon A

ocufilcon B

ocufilcon C

ocufilcon D

ocufilcon E

ocufilcon F

ofilcon A

omafilcon A

oxyfilcon A


pentafilcon A

perfilcon A

petrafocon A-hem-larafilcon A

pevafilcon A

phemfilcon A

phemfilcon B

polymacon A

polymacon B


senofilcon A

shofilcon A

sifilcon A

silafilcon A

siloxyfilcon A

surfilcon A


tasfilcon A

tefilcon A

tetrafilcon A

trifilcon A


uvifilcon A


vasurfilcon A

vifilcon A

vifilcon B


xylofilcon A

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