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Medical Liability Market Research

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The Division of Economic and Health Policy Research conducts research on the medical liability market. It uses data from the AMA's Physician Practice Benchmark Survey to conduct original research on claim frequency and external data to examine trends in liability premiums, claim costs and the way claims are disposed.

Policy Research Perspectives

Using data from the AMA’s 2016 Physician Practice Benchmark Survey, this paper presents estimates of claim frequency among U.S. physicians and explores whether the likelihood of claims varies by age, gender, specialty and practice arrangement. It finds that 34% of physicians have had a claim filed against them during their careers and that claim frequency varies by certain factors, particularly age, specialty and gender.

The AMA's Physician Practice Benchmark Survey focuses on the practice arrangements and payment methodologies of physicians.

Using data from the PIAA, this report presents information on trends in indemnity payments and expenses for medical liability claims that closed between 2006 and 2015. It also describes how claims are disposed and reports indemnity payments and expenses by claim disposition. This report finds that most claims that closed in 2015 were dropped, dismissed or withdrawn. It also finds that over the 2006-2015 period, indemnity payments were relatively stable and expenses incurred on claims increased substantially.

Using data from the Annual Rate Survey Issue of the Medical Liability Monitor, this report examines 2008-2017 trends in liability premiums faced by physicians. It reports distributions of annual changes in premiums as well as trends in premium levels for select insurers, specialties and geographic areas. The report finds increasing stability in premiums over the 10-year period. This has come at the expense of fewer premiums falling over time.

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