Ved V. Gossain, MD

The AMA “Members Move Medicine” series profiles a wide variety of doctors, offering a glimpse into the passions of women and men navigating new courses in American medicine.

On the move with: Ved V. Gossain, MD, who is a retired endocrinologist and Professor of Medicine Emeritus at Michigan State University in East Lansing.

AMA member since: 1985.

What inspired me to pursue a career in medicine: I come from a family of engineers, so I wanted to do something different. Besides, the human body is the best and most complex machine, and if I can fix that, what could be better than that?

How I move medicine: Making my fellow physicians aware of what the AMA has been doing, and continues to do, for them. Also finding ways to improve the life of all physicians—IMGs in particular—to ultimately improve patient care and outcomes of the diseases that we treat.

Career highlights: It was my dream to become a professor of medicine, but never thought that it would be in the USA. Becoming the chief of the section of endocrinology at Michigan State University was clearly a highlight and receiving the award of Mastership from the American College of Physicians was the other. I became actively involved in organized medicine rather late in life, but becoming the president of our county medical society, a delegate to the Michigan State Medical Society and finally becoming the Chair of the IMG section of the AMA are the positions that I have valued.

Advice I’d give to those interested in pursuing a career in medicine: Despite what you hear about the hardships of being a physician, it is still the best profession in the world. Work hard and remember it is all about your patients and not about you. If you can put your patient’s interest ahead of your own interests, you will be a successful doctor.

How I give back to the community: Whenever I get invited to speak to a group of lay people, I accept that invitation without any compensation and do my best to educate the members of my community.

Aspect of my work that means the most: The best part of being a doctor is taking care of patients. There is nothing better in life than a patient coming to you and saying, “Thank you doctor” for saving my life or making my life better. No amount of money can buy that feeling.

My hope for the future of medicine: It is not my hope, but my wish that physicians will be able to take care of their patients directly without interference from the insurance companies. Being realistic, I don’t expect that to happen soon, but I hope that the interference by insurance companies would get minimized, if not eliminated altogether.

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