The AMA “Members Move Medicine” series profiles a wide variety of doctors, offering a glimpse into the passions of women and men navigating new courses in American medicine.

On the move with: Lauren Engel, a medical student in Milwaukee. Her professional objective is to be a pediatric pathologist.

AMA member since: 2016.

What inspired me to pursue a career in medicine: A career in medicine allows me to blend my love of science and passion for serving others. The opportunity to serve patients through scientific inquiry and problem-solving is something I truly find rewarding.

How I move medicine: As a certified medical laboratory scientist and future physician, I move medicine by advocating for and serving patients from multiple areas within health care. In the laboratory, I am dedicated to ensuring diagnostic testing is performed accurately in a timely manner so physicians can diagnose and treat disease. As a medical student, I focus on the patient’s concerns and using all of my knowledge to care for them in the best manner possible.

Career highlights: Becoming a member of the AMA allowed me to realize my passion for health policy. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in health law jurisprudence and a certificate in health care compliance. I hope to use this training to be a better advocate for patients and help underserved populations navigate the complexities of our health care system.

Advice I’d give to those interested in pursuing a career in medicine: There is no profession more rewarding than medicine. However, it is a lifetime commitment to education, contribution and giving back.  Make sure you take time to care for yourself and those you love.

My advice is to never give up. People will try to stand in your way or tell you it is too difficult. It is a difficult and long training period, but it is more rewarding than I ever could have imagined.

Aspect of my work that means the most: My ability to pass along the mentorship I have received is the most rewarding part. My mentors have pushed me to achieve goals I never thought I would be capable of reaching. I am humbled that I can share my knowledge and experience with others, and assist them in developing and achieving their own goals.

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