Tackling the Youth Mental Health Crisis

Webinar (series)
Tackling the Youth Mental Health Crisis
May 18, 2023

COVID-19 drastically changed the day-to-day lives of children, adolescents and their families/caregivers, contributing to the exacerbation of the youth mental health crisis and leaving many scrambling to address mental, behavioral and trauma-related issues.

In this virtual discussion during Mental Health Awareness Month, experts highlight key aspects of mental health promotion, identification and intervention of mental health challenges, healthy mental development and how physician practices can leverage integrated behavioral health to enable them.

  • Joan Jeung, MD, MPH, FAAP, clinical professor of pediatrics, UCSF School of Medicine 
  • Arwa Nasir, MD, MBBS, MS, MPH, division chief of general pediatrics, University of Nebraska Medical Center 


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Disclaimer: The viewpoints expressed in this video are those of the participants and/or do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the AMA.