Stacy Lloyd, MPH, explores telehealth vendor evaluation & contracting

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Stacy Lloyd, MPH, explores telehealth vendor evaluation & contracting
Nov 5, 2020

Choosing the right vendor is crucial for the sustainable, successful use of telehealth as a mode for delivering care. This presentation focused on key considerations for evaluating, selecting, and contracting with new vendors. By selecting a vendor that is worthy of a long-term partnership, it helps to ensure support throughout the implementation process and beyond–and helps identify a partner who is equally motivated as you and your practice or organization to achieve successful outcomes. 



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Stacy Lloyd, MPH

Stacy Lloyd, MPH

Director of digital health & operations, American Medical Association 

Speaker bio

Ms. Lloyd is the director of digital health and operations at the American Medical Association. In this role, she helps lead operations and management for various initiatives focused on ensuring new health care innovations, including digital health solutions, meet the needs of physicians and patients.

Prior to joining the AMA, she held various roles in finance and practice operations at leading health care provider organizations including Northwestern Medicine and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

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