Jo Shapiro, MD, explores peer support implementation during a crisis

Webinar (series)
Jo Shapiro, MD, explores peer support implementation during a crisis
Nov 10, 2020
STEPS Forward webinar series

On Nov. 10, 2020, the AMA held a webinar in the AMA STEPS Forward™  series: "How to Implement a Peer Support Program During a Crisis."

Experts discussed the importance of peer support, fundamentals for operationalizing a peer-support program in health systems and practices and how peer support can potentially change organizational culture.



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Jo Shapiro, MD

Associate professor of otolaryngology head and neck surgery, Harvard Medical School

Speaker bio

Jo Shapiro, MD

Dr. Shapiro is an associate professor of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery at Harvard Medical School. She is senior faculty for the Center for Medical Simulation in Boston and a consultant for the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Anesthesia, Pain and Critical Care. In 2008, she founded the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Center for Professionalism and Peer Support where she served as the director for over 10 years. 

In 2019, Harvard Medical School awarded Dr. Shapiro the Shirley Driscoll Dean’s Award for the Enhancement of Women’s Careers. 

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