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Health Workforce Mapper

The AMA Health Workforce Mapper illustrates the distribution of physicians and non-physician clinicians by specialty, state, county or metropolitan areas.
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The interactive AMA Health Workforce Mapper empowers you with the tools needed to help ensure our country's patients have access to quality health care. By illustrating the geographic distribution of the physician workforce and building layers of patient health, demographic and health policy data, now you can create visually persuasive stories that will enrich workforce advocacy efforts.

Access to this tool is free, although AMA members can view a comprehensive version of the tool that includes the capacity to export a customizable Excel file that ranks health workforce and demographic data by county.

Layer Geographic, Patient Demographic and Health Data, and Health Policy Data

The AMA Health Workforce Mapper is a customizable, interactive tool that illustrates the geographic distribution of the health care workforce. Whether looking at state, county or metropolitan area data, users can filter physicians and non-physician health care professionals by specialty and employment setting.

The AMA Health Workforce Mapper also allows the user to build a rich display of factors relevant to the health care workforce. For example, users can layer geographic and health policy data including health professional shortage areas, hospital locations, population indicators, landmarks or other topographical features. The new Patient Health Explorer provides users with a rich supply of patient health data, including morbidity and mortality rates, information on patient health behaviors and social environment, health care access and quality data.

Uses for the Health Workforce Mapper

The AMA Health Workforce Mapper can be used to distinguish possible areas of both deficiency and overlap, and to identify high-priority areas for workforce expansion. With this tool, users can:

  • Demonstrate to law- or policy-makers the geographic physician distribution to assist them in making appropriate, evidence-based decisions.
  • Identify areas of potential need for certain medical specialties for purposes of creating effective workforce strategies to expand patient access to care.

The AMA Health Workforce Mapper was developed in collaboration with the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Robert Graham Center. 

System Requirements

To use the AMA Health Workforce Mapper, you must have Adobe Flash Player 10.0 or higher installed on your computer. Please note that this this application is not compatible with iPhone/iPad/Android, but PDF maps of health care clinician locations are available upon request. Please contact Kristin Schleiter, senior legislative attorney, at [email protected] for access to the Geographic Mapping Initiative data for your state or specialty.

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