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Succeeding in value-based care: Best practices for data sharing

Voluntary Best Practices to Advance Data Sharing Playbook

Intended for both current and future participants in value-based care (VBC) arrangements, The Future of Sustainable Value-Based Care and Payment: Voluntary Best Practices to Advance Data Sharing (PDF) offers voluntary best practices for overcoming key challenges associated with data sharing for VBC arrangements that persist today. 

Developed in collaboration with AHIP and the National Association of ACOs (NAACOS), this playbook provides physicians, VBC entities, and health plans (among others) access to best practices informed by real-world experiences of those participating in such arrangements to date. By sharing what works, it will help advance the adoption of VBC in a manner that eases participation by creating an appropriate foundation for cross-industry alignment.

Voluntary best practices to advance data sharing

Access best practices to foster sustainable success in value-based care arrangements.

Five key areas of opportunity

Based on input from a multi-stakeholder workgroup, the following five key categories of best practices were surfaced: 

  1. Create an Interoperable Data Ecosystem: Adopt consistent content and exchange standards to simplify and expand data sharing.
  2. Share More Complete, Comprehensive Data: Empower value-based care participants with complete, accurate, and consistent data that paints a more comprehensive picture of a patient or population.
  3. Improve Data Collection and Use to Advance Health Equity: Collect and share data to identify and address health disparities as well as barriers to care beyond the clinical setting, while ensuring transparency, appropriate use, and confidentiality.
  4. Share Timely, Relevant, and Actionable Data: Prioritize sharing focused insights and data early, often, and in accessible ways, to improve care.
  5. Make Data Methodologies, Calculations, and Context Readily and Easily Available: Share detailed information on how and what data was derived from to foster trust among value-based care participants in the data they receive, use, and by which performance is measured.

Read more about these categories, including discussion of specific challenges and other considerations for the broader health care landscape, provided in the playbook (PDF).