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The COVID-19 pandemic led to dramatic increases in adoption of telehealth, which remains popular with physicians and patients. Nearly 70% of physicians surveyed say they want to keep providing telehealth services, but as the pandemic fades, policies will expire that could make this more difficult.

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The AMA is working to ensure physicians have the tools, resources and support to seamlessly integrate telehealth into their practices without financial risk or penalty.

  1. Fighting for fairness

    1. The AMA leads the charge to expand telehealth policy and resources to ensure sustainability and fair payment.
  2. Building a framework

    1. The AMA’s Return on Health framework builds on research to articulate the value of digitally enabled care for patients, physicians, payors and society.
  3. Sharing knowledge

    1. The AMA hosts learning sessions and webinars to help physicians, practices and health systems optimize and sustain telehealth in their organizations.
  4. Creating policy

    1. The AMA creates policies through its House of Delegates that solidify and project the AMA’s stance on telehealth.
  5. Empowering members

    1. The AMA’s Digital Health Implementation Playbooks package key steps, best practices and resources to accelerate the adoption of digital health innovations.

Become a member and help the AMA keep physician and patient needs at the forefront of telehealth delivery.

Half the dues, all the AMA benefits!

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