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Top considerations for physicians ahead of retirement


Retirement can and should be a rich, joyful time in your life. Preparing wisely for it will help ensure the financial security you need to get the most out of your retirement years.

Help Move Medicine

Medicine doesn’t stand still, and neither do we. AMA members don’t just keep up with medicine—they shape its future.

If you’re a late-career physician thinking about partial or full retirement, the AMA offers helpful resources on the top considerations you’ll face, helping you to make informed decisions for your future.

  1. 4 must-dos before physicians retire

    If you have a retirement date in mind that is 6-12 months away, these steps can help with your impending transition out of practice.

  2. Early retirement? 5 factors physicians should evaluate

    If you’re considering an early transition to retirement, you’re not alone. Consider these factors before making a choice.

  3. What late-career doctors must know about Social Security rules

    Being proactive when it comes to Social Security is key. Learn more about the system’s nuances to maximize your retirement benefits.

  4. A quick guide to Medicare open enrollment periods

    Navigate the various Medicare open enrollment periods with confidence as you near retirement and manage your health care through your retirement years.

  5. Comparison of Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement

    Get details on the two options for covering the gap in your original Medicare coverage.

  6. What every physician should know about Medicare Supplement insurance

    Discover how Medicare Supplement insurance addresses the Medicare coverage gap.

  7. AMA Insurance — specialists in planning for the unplanned

    AMA Insurance specializes in the insurance needs of physicians and their families to help make retirement more relaxing and enjoyable.