AMA Store

AMA Store payment terms


By submitting credit card and/or bank account information, you (i) authorize AMA (or its agent) to charge the designated credit card, and/or initiate one or more automated clearing house (ACH) debit entries from the designated bank account, for the specified amounts, additional charges provided for herein, and any revised amounts for which you received notice; (ii) confirm that such authorization constitutes a writing signed by you under applicable law or regulation; (iii) authorize your financial institution to deduct payments and/or credit card company to charge your account; and (iv) warrant that you have the authority to authorize charges to the designated credit card account and/or debits to the designated bank account for the purpose of paying the amounts due.

For one-time (single) payments and other purchases from the AMA Store, your authorization will apply to the specified transaction. Cancellation of your payment authorization, and changes to your bank or credit card account, must be made within such time as will afford AMA to act on it. If you change your bank or credit card account information, this authorization will remain in effect for the new account information.

AMA reserves the right to restrict access to the AMA Store and/or revoke account privileges if the account is not paid in full by the applicable payment dates and/or if any authorized charge is refused by your credit card company for any reason and/or if any authorized debit is refused by your financial institution for any reason including insufficient funds.

If an ACH transaction is rejected for non-sufficient funds, or the transaction (including any credit card transaction) fails in any way, AMA may, at its discretion, attempt to process the charge again within thirty (30) days or mail a bill to you at your address on record and you will be responsible for making payment by check or money order. All costs or fees you incur that result from debits/payments or credit card charges rejected by your credit card company and/or financial institution, regardless of reason (including, but not limited to, overdraft or over credit limit), are your responsibility. Any additional charges incurred by AMA may, upon written notice to you, be initiated, as applicable, as a separate credit card or ACH transaction to your account, or included in the bill that AMA mails to you.

AMA shall not be liable for erroneous bill statements or incorrect charges made by your credit card company or financial institution. Should an error occur in billing or debiting by AMA, AMAs only responsibility is to correct such error when and if AMA receives notice of the error. AMA, your credit card company and/or your financial institution reserve the right, upon written notice, to terminate your selected payment option.

AMA will process your payments as promptly as possible and, if payment is recurring, on the scheduled payment due dates. AMA will not be liable if it, or its payment processor, is unable to process payments authorized by you for any reason (e.g., insufficient funds, exceeds your credit card limit, incomplete or inaccurate account information, circumstances beyond AMA control that prevent proper transmission of your payment authorization and/or payment(s).

The AMA has a number of Digital Products that are offered as subscriptions subject to an End User License Agreement (EULA). These Digital Products include, but are not limited to, Clinical Examples in Radiology Online, CPT® Assistant Online, and RBRVS DataManager Online. Your purchase of these Digital Products shall operate as an express promise to use the Digital Products for personal, educational, and non-commercial uses only.

Cancellation of payment authorization

Your payment authorization may be cancelled in one of following ways:

You must be an AMA member in order to receive AMA member pricing for AMA subscription(s) and other products. If your membership lapses or you choose not to renew your AMA membership, we reserve the right to charge your account the non-member pricing for your subscription(s) and/or products upon 10 days prior written notice to you. Join now or renew to take advantage of member pricing.