2023 SPS Interim Meeting highlights


The Senior Physicians Section (SPS) held its 2023 Interim Meeting on Friday, Nov. 10.

The SPS sponsored two education programs on Friday, Nov. 10. ‘Dietary Supplements for Seniors: Considerations for Safety and Support,’ (PDF) featured Cara Welch, PhD, director of Office of Dietary Supplement Programs, U.S. Food & Drug Administration. The program was moderated by Ved V. Gossain, MD, immediate past chair of the SPS Governing Council.

A second education program, ‘Demystifying Medicare for Patients: Traditional Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage,’ (PDF) looked at recent trends of seniors enrolled in Medicare programs along with factors that assist seniors in recognizing the pros and cons of different coverage plans. Speakers were David A. Lipschutz, JD, associate director/senior policy attorney, Center for Medicare Advocacy, and Shari Erickson, MPH, chief advocacy officer and senior vice president, governmental affairs and public policy, American College of Physicians. The program was facilitated by Jenny Boyer, MD, JD, PhD, from the SPS Governing Council.

The SPS Governing Council met Nov. 10 to review House of Delegates (HOD) resolutions and reports related to senior physician issues, including the following SPS resolutions:

  • Resolution 216: Saving Traditional Medicare
  • Resolution 608: Confronting Ageism in Medicine
  • Resolution 814: Providing Parity for Medicare Facility Fees
  • Resolution 815: Long-Term Care and Support Services for Seniors

View the summary of actions (PDF). 

In the SPS Assembly, Marilyn J. Heine, MD, AMA board member, presented highlights of the AMA’s Recovery Plan for America’s Physicians. Sandra A. Fryhofer, AMA board member and liaison to ACIP, provided an update on the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

The SPS Assembly meeting included a discussion of policy items relevant to senior physicians as well as senior patients.

AMA Recovery Plan for America’s Physicians

After fighting for physicians during the pandemic, the AMA is taking on the next extraordinary challenge: Renewing the nation’s commitment to physicians.